Chris Halsor is a Colorado attorney with 20 years of criminal law experience. He is former 14-year prosecutor and founder of Law Office of Chris Halsor, where he practices criminal law throughout Colorado. He represents clients charged with all types of misdemeanors and felonies and has specialized expertise in DUI, DUI-Marijuana, DUI-Drugs and Marijuana Crimes.

He is also the owner and founder of Understanding Legal Marijuana, LLC. and is one of the country’s foremost experts on legal marijuana and marijuana impaired driving. He provides training and education and lectures throughout the country and Canada.

Mr. Halsor is an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, where he teaches the course Day One: Criminal Practice Lab, an experiential learning class where law students learn the actual nuts and bolts of practicing criminal law. He is also a faculty member for the National Judicial College, where he trains judges around the country on legal marijuana issues.

Mr. Halsor began his legal career as a line prosecutor with the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office for eight years having tried all types of misdemeanor, juvenile and felony offenses. Mr. Halsor then spent six years working for the Colorado District Attorney’s Council where he served as the state’s first Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (TSRP) providing training and technical assistance to Colorado law enforcement and prosecutors surrounding all facets of impaired driving. 

Mr. Halsor was heavily involved in Colorado’s trailblazing foray into legal marijuana and has developed an expertise in the many different and complicated of facets of legal marijuana.  He served as a member of one of Colorado Governor’s regulatory committees addressing marijuana infused edibles and was a substitute member of the committee on grow limitations. He advised and provided policy analysis and training for the public safety communities as Colorado quickly went from a state regulated medical marijuana system to be the first state in the country to implement recreational marijuana.

Marijuana 101 for Law Enforcement

In 2014, Mr. Halsor contracted with Colorado’s Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST) Department to co-develop, in collaboration with the Attorney General’s Office, a four-hour course: Marijuana 101: An introduction to Legal Marijuana for Law Enforcement designed for Colorado law enforcement. 

Mr. Halsor has provided similar Marijuana 101 style trainings that are tailor fit to that state’s laws (and sometimes neighboring state’s laws) where he not provides what the law allows and prohibits, but also addresses are the significant law enforcement challenges including issues involving, Possession, Consumption, Paraphernalia, Cultivation, Dispensing, Distribution, Open Container, Transportation & DUI. Mr. Halsor also provides conference trainings Chiefs of Police and Sheriff’s Associations; Traffic Safety; Public Health and Toxicology.

Marijuana DUI Training

Mr. Halsor is one of the country’s top experts on marijuana impaired driving and has been training law enforcement on the subject for close to a decade. In 2015, Mr. Halsor created Marijuana Impaired Driving Investigations, a course designed to teach law enforcement officers how more effectively investigate marijuana impaired driving cases. One of the most unique features of this course is that it includes a “GREEN LAB,“ where volunteers are dosed with marijuana and officers are allowed to perform SFSTs, and other maneuvers as well as interview the users. Since its inception he has conducted over 40 of these classes mostly in Colorado, and a handful in California.

He continues to provide lectures and training to law enforcement throughout the country.

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