Cannabis Crimes & Municipal Marijuana Regulation

Marijuana Crimes – Even though Cannabis is “legal” in Colorado, there are still many crimes for which people continue to be charged. Marijuana law is complicated, in part, because it is still illegal at the federal level and also because there are many conflicts within the law. If you are charged with any kind of marijuana offense: Possession, Paraphernalia, Consumption, Cultivation, Possession with Intent; and Distribution, having an attorney who not only understands the law, but who has expertise about the plant and knows the conflicts and contradictions in the code is critical to your defense.

Marijuana Regulation & Oversight – I have a specialized practice assisting municipalities and local governments develop policy and ordinances for the regulation of marijuana and marijuana businesses. I created this practice area to assist local governments (cities & counties) who are trying to deal with the various issues associated with legalization including oversight of marijuana businesses, including making scalable regulatory systems.I specialize in assisting municipalities and local governments